Stopping then restarting?


I had been taking birth control for about 1 year and had to stop taking it due to another medicine I began taking. My last “period” from the 7 day break was on May 10th. I had unprotected sex on the 11th and forgot to start my new pack. I took 2 birth control pills on the 14th and 1 on the 15th and then stopped taking them. I started having a withdrawal bleed on the 18th and bleed until June 5th so 19 days. I also had unprotected sex on the 21st, but this was while I was bleeding and I also took plan b afterwards. I’m highly doubting I am pregnant because I started bleeding after unprotected sex and because I continued bleeding. But I want to restart birth control because I hate the stress of waiting for my next period. I’m guessing my first “real” period after stopping birth control will be around July 5th, 1 month after the bleeding stopped. I was just wondering if I should wait until I get my real period and then restart or if I could start now.

Also this might be a completely stupid question, but could I begin taking like 14 days of birth control instead of the usual 21 so I can have the reassurance of bleeding and not being pregnant sooner than 21 days? I would continue to use condoms during this time.

Thanks guys 😊