Glow Community Help!

I have been using Glow to keep track of my periods since I went off BC in Jan. As of this month, I am now using it bc we are TTC :-). That being said, I have so many questions about TTC so I have just started using the Glow community part of the app. I have some questions about how to use this part of the app. If you have any info or answers to help me, please let me know!! Thank you! :-)
1.) Is there a way to keep track of all of your posts in one place? If so, how? (Kind of like how FB has your wall so you can see everything you have posted so it's easy to check up on comments of those who have responded to you.) So far, I have just been going back to the section I posted it in and scrolling back to find it. 
2.) Is there a way to be notified within this app (not a push notification to your phone) when someone responds to your post or comment?