Would you be annoyed? What todo?

Pip • Pregnant with a little boy • c-section is booked for 4th July 2016 at 8am ✨
My partner is being such an idiot. It's getting me so annoyed. The other day we had planned that this weekend we would take a drive and go somewhere together. So after work Friday he said he was going to go pick up his new glasses then he'd call me.. This was at 4pm, he rang me at 9:30pm saying he'd just popped the pub and said that we would go away today (Saturday) so after last nights disappointment He didn't wake up until 4pm!! He's just rang and I said I was pissed off and he started shouting saying I'm being this and that and he can't see the problem, he slept in, when the logic is when you have plans you put an alarm on.. Would you be annoyed and what would you do and say?