“Friend” is trying to live my life.. I think?

So, my fiancé and I became friends with this couple, that are trying to literally live our life.. unless I’m overthinking the whole thing. My fiancé got a job, then the dude got the SAME JOB 🙃 then The girl I’ll call her jo has done several things that are a bit weird since becoming my friend..

So, i dyed my hair red, three days later, jo dyes hers red. I thought absolutely nothing of this at the Time. Then I tell jo that I’m pregnant. (This is in October) fast forward about a few months and we find out they’re pregnant! Well come to find out they had been trying since we announced our pregnancy.. even though they had just split up, and cheated on eachother& several other fucked up things. Then, back to hair dye, After my second trimester I dyed my hair brown bc the upkeep would be easier than red. Not even two days later Jo’s hair is brown! Still didn’t think much of it.. we do our gender reveal party (it was a girl) at a new place in our community it goes AWESOME, then I see they’re planning theirs& they’re trying to do it AT THE SAME PLACE AND THE SAME WAY WE DID OURS. (It was very unique) theeennn my fiancé and I get a cat. I woke up the next morning and guess what jo just got! A FUCKIN CAT! My fiancé and I set a date to get married at the courthouse and I told Jo about it and how excited it was! Then the date got changed, but I didn’t tell Jo that, and THEY WENT AND GOT HITCHED THAT FUCKING DAY. Next, Hair dye AGAIN this time I dyed my hair bright purple and the next night jo had purple hair! This time I was like “okay what the fuck” Finally, they had their gender reveal party recently (they ended up not going with the same thing we did but still) I know you cannot control what gender baby pops out of your lady bits but THEY ARE HAVING A FUCKING GIRL. 🙃🙃🙃 am I overthinking this? Or is this fucking weird to other people too???

Edited to add we are no longer friends with them.. everything was too weird for me& my hubby got weird vibes from both of them too. Lol