kissing a newborn baby on the face

Averie • mommy to Audrie & Emerie 🥰

So I’m a new mother! Soon my little one will be here and I’m terrified of someone kissing her or even touching her for that matter. Like I don’t even know if I’m gonna let my family or my husbands family hold her when she’s born, I’m that terrified. Like I don’t want people touching her hands, face, etc. Well I was on the phone with my dad talking about me being scared and the situation.. and he tells me he’s gonna kiss her on the forehead whether or not I say it’s okay. Am I overreacting? I’m a first time mom. And it absolutely scares the hell out of me! I wanna keep my little one safe as possible! And if that means no one holding her when I have her then so be it.. but really though.. am I overreacting? Should I let people hold her when I have her? Like my dad? Even though he’s saying either way he’s gonna kiss her forehead? 😳