Does anyone else’s SO just not understand??


lol he went with me to find a birthday outfit and he was suggesting that I wear a dress with jeans underneath. I told him that’s weird and nobody does that. Then he tried to argue and say people do. So I was like “yea! Weirdos” (sorry if any of y’all wear that 😂😂)

Then this morning he offered to pay for my pani/pedi and asked how much. So I told him $80 and that I’d need a fill within the next week since my nails grow so fast. He was like “is there anyway they can put the fake nail on lightly so that when it grows out you can just push it back down??”


Here’s a pic of my out of line fiancé 😂😂

Edit. He just sent me this talking about it’s from fashion week 2017 😂