BFP 9dpo💙🤞🏼

Breanna • Girl mama💕 14.01.16👧🏻 09.03.19👶🏻 engaged 07.25.18💏💍

I really didn’t think it would be positive this early💙 . These turned out positive (june 26th) 9dpo & 10dpo, after failing to conceive for the past couple cycles. We are ecstatic. I was tracking my cycles/ovulation with OPK. I ovulated on June 17th. I’m currently 14dpo. My period was suppose to arrive today/tomorrow. My EDD is March 11th.

We also tried to sway boy using The Babydust Method. 💙🤞🏼 This will be our 2nd baby. Our oldest is 2 years, but she’ll be 3 years & 2 months by the time I give birth. I think that’s a great age gap 💙

What should we ask for when we go to our first appointment? I’m going to ask to get blood work done to check my hcg & progesterone levels. Anything else to add?