True or Not?


So do you believe the quote above is true? If not why?

Long story short, I've been going through hell with my sister for the last 8 months or so. No matter what, she always has horrible things to say to me, so I've taken to just ignoring her when she's around. I currently live with my parents while I'm relocating, so my sister is around a lot. She recently has begun just flat out degrading me, saying I'm a horrible mother and such.

Friday she refused to text or call me to tell me that my mom was having emergency surgery. Instead I found out on Facebook. I messaged her and said I would have appreciated to receive a call instead of finding out with everyone else on Facebook. That's when she went off on me and brought up anything and everything she could to degrade me. Even degraded my husband saying she doesn't think he was ACTUALLY hurt in Iraq (for the record, he was hit by an IED and shot during combat). She is literally acting like a crazy person.

I told my family I am done with her, I dont want that negativity in my life, and I need time before I speak to her again. They physically tried to force me to stay in the house and talk to her. I didn't want to, I need time and space from her. She's toxic to my life and just brings chaos. She said she has no idea why I'm still here (in our hometown) and how I should just leave. Am I wrong for wanting space and NOT talking things out right now? Or is it okay to cut people out of your life for a while, even your own sister, if all she ever does is beat you down?