Pregnant for at least one more week


I am 35 weeks 1 day and being closely watched for preeclampsia since my BP has spiked a bit in the last few weeks. My doctor is on vacation this week, so I saw another doctor in the practice whom I also like. I was caught off guard because he decided to do the GBS swab. I know it’s no big deal, but my husband was at this appointment, and he likes to make jokes about the fact that I haven’t kept up my usual grooming. The jokes were funny, but I’m sure I was a bit red in the face from slight embarrassment when the doctor came in.

Anyway, today my BP was 140/70, which the doctor said was okay. My labs came back normal for kidney and liver function and no protein in my urine today. 🤷🏻‍♀️ As far as the doctor was concerned, everything looked good. He just suggested to continue drinking lots of water and to rest as much as possible - no actual bed rest per se, but definitely not overdoing things. I do have a long to do list of things to be done around the house before I give birth, but knowing I have at least another week makes it a little less stressful.