2 day period? Implantation bleeding? HELP!


So my sweet baby boy is now 9 months old.

My dear husband played a very dangerous game around ovulation, and (TMI) you know you can’t ever be 100% sure nothing came out. 🙄

My period is due today, but two days ago it started, no worries. Heavyish bleeding like usual, but instead of 5-6 days like usual, it just stopped. Little bits of brown spotting. Ok, short periods happen. Just not to me.

Usually, I have no period symptoms except light cramps right before the bleeding starts. Including all my periods after my son was born.

But the past week leading up to this, all my early pregnancy symptoms with my son have been occurring.

I’ve been moody, hormonal, weepy, crampy, gassy, exhausted 24/7. I took a test the day before the bleeding started and it was negative.

Has anyone had an experience like this and been pregnant? Or not?

Thanks friends! 😭