My SO 😭😭


I really just need to get this out bc I have nobody else to talk to about this bc I literally have no friends here at home.

I see so many posts on here about y’all SOs or pictures or birth stories and all that. And I find myself in envy most of the time bc mine is currently in jail which by all means it’s his fault ya know he’s on drug court and didn’t comply so by all means I understand the system ya know. It just still sucks.

Before we fount out I was pregnant he has accepted my two girls I already have as his own and that’s daddy in their eyes but he always wanted a biological child as well and here we are and he’s literally only been home a month out of this whole pregnancy. 😭😭😭😭

I literally wish I could have him here with us hell even him getting on my nerves and pissing me off would be okay. Some days are better than others but today is just very emotional for me I’m 36 weeks tomorrow and he won’t even be here to see his babygirl come into this world and won’t even be home till a month after.

Idk why I’m even posting I guess just to get it off my chest. It’s just getting very hard without him here and he has a 5 yo and a 1 yo who miss him dearly.

Sorry my hormones are getting the best of me