Starting Preschool


How did your kids react to preschool? How was their first day and how much did they learn overall? How did you feel and how did you cope with being worried? My son starts preschool this August for speech therapy and have early autism intervention. Im so worried since he doesnt really know how to talk, is terrified of the toilet, and I'm a sahm so hes always been with me. Hes does good with other kids and is well behaved most of the time but I'm still so worried and thinking of everything that can go wrong. 😭 Does he have enough water? what if someone hits him? what if he tries to climb the fence? what if he doesnt eat his lunch? what if he just cries all day? what if they dont change him? (they teach the kids how to potty train) etc etc. He will be in a specific preschool program with other kids like him and experinced teachers so I know it will help him alot but I'm so terrified to be away from him for 6 hours.