Anyone else sometimes feel like pregnancy is not worth it..? PLEASE NO NEGATIVITY.. I feel bad enough

I’m 5w5d and I have the absolute worst morning sickness... throwing up 9 times a day. And I am just exhausted. Absolutely exhausted. I can’t stay up for more than 3 hours and I almost fainted on a half mile walk. I want to go back to my normal life when I didn’t feel like this 😞 I feel horrible for feeling this way because I had a miscarriage before and that broke me down because I wanted that baby so bad (didn’t feel any different than usual with that pregnancy). But now I just feel like its not worth it at all feeling this way for who knows how much longer.. I’m 17 so maybe that’s why I feel so negatively about this baby but I just wish I wasnt so unhappy. Does anyone else feel this way? Or am I alone in this 😣 please please no negative comments. I’ve been crying so hard all day about this and I don’t know what to do anymore

And I know there are so so many women struggling with infertility and would kill for a baby but this is my situation and this is how I feel.. so please do not call me ungrateful or be rude to me. Please 😞