Irregular/Anovulatory Cycles

Towanda • #1 Due February 2020 ❤️

Has anyone tried Maca Root?

I’ve been off birth control for 6-7 months now, and my cycles have gone back to their old pre-birth control ways: irregular as f***.

I’m on CD 82. Last cycle, my doctor prescribed me Provera to start a new one, but I don’t see the point in doing that again since Provera doesn’t really help you ovulate anyway, and we haven’t been ttc for a year yet to be prescribed drugs like Clomid or Letrozole.

I MIGHT have PCOS, but I never got an ultrasound to see if I have polycystic ovaries, though I have the irregular cycles and the hair growth in weird places.

Further research has me thinking that it’s either PCOS or I might have a thyroid problem (which is why I’m going to try the Maca root).

I’m so frustrated, and I feel like this ttc journey would be slightly easier if I had regular periods, as I wouldn’t have to keep dropping money on OPKs and I wouldn’t feel like my body is betraying me and making me feel like less of a woman 🙄.

So I’m willing to try anything, if anyone has any suggestions? And if you’ve ever tried Maca root, please let me know! 🙏🏻