Disappointed, pregnant, beaten up😥

Today was a nightmare. I would like to share this with you because I feel so alone in this moment and have no one to tell.

I’m 22,he’s 29.

Me and my boyfriend had a lot of problems in the past, i left him, then I made a mistake while I was single and did not have a heart not to tell him immediately that I kissed another guy, even if we werent together anymore. He took it as cheating, even if he was texting all the time he was with me with other bitches.

He was having sex with one girl, next day with me when we were “together” after a huge fight because of what I did just to “give me back” what I deserved.

I found out also that he invited my bestfriend to his home when we were texting each other already and they both lied about it....and so on and on, he is jealous, no man can even look at me and it’s already my fault.

I love him with all of my heart, I did all that I could to save this relationship, and all he ever did is put me down.

I have to mention that he is occasional drug abuser, even now..... when I am pregnant. He don’t care that I’m againts it.

I got myself a new job to make money for my baby, I work hard, i study, and when I come home he...is sleeping or he is in his own world from time to time because of cocaine.

We got into a huge fight today. He told me that he worked for 8 years in army and that he is done, even if we need money so badly.

Money he have goes for cocaine, and I cant watch this anymore, everytime I mention we need some stuff for baby he tells me it’s not necessary.

I’m four months pregnant and I love this child already,......but today he had balls to tell me I should misscary our baby that he dont want it and I wont keep him as my boyfriend and he wont stay with me just because I got pregnant...and he pissed me off so much I slapped him. Well, he slapped me back two times, throw my stuff out of house and pulled me all over the floor to the doors like a dog. My hands are blue, It was hard for me to work because my hands hurt me so much. I was screaming while he didnt give a fuck.

I live at his place, Because of him I cut off all of my friends even my family. I have no one because I gave all for this guy, and he do what he wants to do all the time.

I am so sad, I try to keep up for my child, after he threw me out I had to sit and wait in my car for 4 hours to go to work, now I am in my car again, going to sleep in it, because I have NO WHERE to go and have to work tomorrow. I would go home but I work at the city he lives, my home is 3 hours away.

I am so so so sad that the one I gave all for, treat me like a piece of trash, because I let him. He was caring all the time, wanted that baby, went to all my appointments... now all of a sudden he is another person. Does drugs have to do anything with that, changing his personality?

Thanks for reading and listening, I feel better now. 😔😞😞😥

Update: forgot to mention he dont get along with my family, they love and adore me and are so happy and cant wait to meet little one also his parents and grandma. Grandma heard and saw me while I was leaving and she called me that He wont get a better girl and she supports me, she is so disappointed and mad because of what he did.

Baby waving at me. Or he/she giving me a helping hand. ⭐️

Update: his family found out about him kicking me out ( he even is proud of it) and he told them that i am the one who dont act right and is disrespectful and that I can come back when I will be able to comunicate right and when I will grow up. So, they are all against him, mother told him she is disappointed and that she dont know him anymore and she will actually kick his ass out (because she lived here before and gave the apartment to him).

They support me, understand me, they told me that I can always count on them and I dont deserve that abusive relationship, and he will regret it.

It was really hard. Getting out of abusive relationship especially when you are pregnant is so damn hard. I am trying for my little one and myself. I can do this. My family is super supportive, and his also.

but is breaking my heart how cruel people can be, when you give everything for them and its never enough. And it will never be.

I am getting better day by day. No one deserves this. No one.

Love ya all, thanks for support and listening. I know im not alone 💕