TTC again


My hubby and I decided to try for our second child last month. We had a hard time getting pregnant with our first and went through a lot of fertility treatments, tests , and spent a lot of money . But it was all worth it . We’ve decided to just let things happen this time, no medical intervention. The daily and sometimes twice daily trips to the reproductive specialist was a lot to handle and we both do not want to go through it again. I’m having a hard time with this again. I know it was only the first month but of course I was late, thought I saw a line and got excited. My period started, I got depressed and started to relive the past. It all cane back to me. The months upon months of trying, the tears and just emotional roller coaster when I wasn’t pregnant. I don’t know how to not get my hopes up. Anyone go through this with their second. Was it easier to get pregnant the second time around after issues conceiving with your first? My husbands count is low but other than that we were told everything was good. Not impossible, just harder to do on our own.