Fantasizing about other men!

I’m 28 so is my husband we have been together since we were 13 yrs old, we broke up a few times when we were younger but never dated anyone else or anything so he’s the only man I’ve been with but the last year or so I keep having dream at night and sometime while in the middle of sex with my husband about other men, we do t have sex that often so when we do it last a while 5 minutes is that cuz he can NEVER last long and I’ve told him how I feel about that and he said he just don’t want to be doing it to long cuz it’s nothing really which really upset me cuz he thinks I need to please him with a blow job and all that but I can NEVER get oral or finish myself during sex, like 3 mo the or so ago we were using a sex toy (The magic Wand) and I ended up squirting and he had no idea what is was and he asked me if I do that during sex and I straight up told him he’s never made me squirt during sex and he got all pissed off and I told him the fact that he only last under 5 minutes don’t help. So lately when I use my dildo I think it’s someone else I know having sex with me. Am I a bad wife for that.

Update to some comments:

We have talked about our sex like and he thinks having sex 2-3 times a month is normal even though before we would have sex 2-3 times a week but over the last year since he lost 70lbs he’s different he never wants to have sex never wants to do anything with me and anytime I stand by him he moves so I think something is up with him.