skin irritation (i think from a thong)

so i work out like 4 days a week and i wanna say like 9/10 times i wear a thong because i usually wear leggings and for a long time i’ve had this skin irritation around my vulva. when i look at it, i wanna say it kinda looks like a scrape but without a scab, it’s just red and looks like it’s missing a layer of skin. i think it’s from friction from wearing a thong to the gym, and kind of in general but especially the gym. in the winter all i wear to the gym is leggings so it’s always thongs , and since it’s summer i can wear shorts so i’m going to try to not wear them as much and it’s been i wanna say a month since i have and it feels better, like before it was itching everyday like when i was walking and it rubbed it would itch, now it itches sometimes not all the time, it really itches and burns when i shower and wash in that area. but what else can i do to make it heal faster. i put hydrocortisone or vaseline on it but it hurts and i just want it to go away.