what would you do??

what would you do if your husband (of 5 years) told you the only way he can live with you is if he drinks, that he has to be half way numb to deal with you... oh and we have 1 kid and we where TTC for our rainbow than out of nowhere he says this... UPDATE 1 I told him if he thought we could go to counseling and he said no thats stupid. so i asked if he could tell me exactly what made him feel this way. He told me he was tired of being with my dumb lazy ass, that i was worthless and the biggest mistake of his life, and he wished i could get all my shit out and leave him the f*** alone for the rest of our lives... so tomorrow im going to ger divorce papers.... This honestly cane out of no where we have never had a fight other than the typical stupid fights over what movie to watch or where to eat... im completely devastated but i am going to do what is best for my daughter and I