Confused about my post chemical pregnancy ultrasound

So I had a miscarriage just around 5 weeks .... one week later I still had this sharp pain on my.lower right abdomen so went to see my gynae. She did an ultrasound and thdn suggested I still do blood tests.

Ultrasound seemed pretty healthy.

Dr said, whatever there was seemed cleared out. nothing there.

1st Blood test showed no hcg, so she cancelled the next one I was suppose to do a few days later.

Except I saw a small white ball in the black area of my uterus (my friend says that's what a yolk sac looks like).

I didn't think of it then, but now I am wondering what that was?

should i ask for another ultrasound to see if anything has changed?

Any ideas, thoughts would be helpful?


I already took a pregnancy test but it came out negative. I am concerned because it's been a while since then and I still have the symptoms of smell, dizziness, fatigue, acid reflux and these are not my normal routine. I can't see my gynae anytime soon since she is away till next month and the alternative dr wouldn't see me or recommend an ultrasound unless I can convince her with some details of smth unusual and have to give her my.whole history etc.