ex gf attacked me

I was at my friends house who is a guy, he was serving me dinner in the room while we were the only ones home. suddenly there was a girl next to him smiling at him and he looked really shocked, I realised it was his ex girlfriend who he mentioned once. Next thing she grabbed me and started scratching my face and wouldn’t let me go and screaming at me while he was trying to get her off! ... now I’m home with cuts and scratches on my face and neck! and terrified! I asked to press charges to the police and it’s getting progressed but im so scared and can’t eat without feeling sick, I getting really bad anxiety and can’t sleep! I don’t know what to do 😭 Ive blocked her on everything and have stopped talking to him to protect Myself!!! I’m so scared to go out! She knows my name as she made me tell her while she took photos of me! i don’t know what to do