Really Struggling at 28 Weeks


So I don’t normally post in here, but I’m struggling. I’m pregnant with baby number 2. She is a surprise blessing. I have PCOS and it took several rounds of clomid to get pregnant with our first who is 22 months old. We weren’t trying for baby number 2 yet but God had other plans.

Baby number 2 has kept us on our toes from the beginning. Lots of spotting and very sick the first trimester. We had our 20 week ultrasound and other than baby girl not cooperating to get a good look at her heart everything looked just fine. My OB said they would do another ultrasound at 28 weeks to get the images they wanted. No big deal my first baby did the same thing.

Well I had my 28 week ultrasound this past Monday. Baby girl did not want to cooperate again. She was balled up as high as she could get in my belly. So they made me walk, drink cold water, and eat to try to get to in a better position. I went back in and she had moved but still wasn’t in the best position. The ultrasound tech was doing what she could to get the images that she needed but seemed to be taking a really long time going over the same areas again and again. I didn’t think much of it until she asked if my OB wanted to see me after. So the tech went to talk to my OB and they called my back to an exam room. Panic set in. My OB comes in the room and I can see her tablet screen and it has 2 images of a heart.

My OB believes our baby girl might have a congenital heart defect called, transposition of the great arteries. Where the aorta and pulmonary artery are connected to the wrong ventricle of her heart. When she is born she would have trouble getting oxygenated blood to her organs and body. My husband and I are scared to death right now not knowing for sure. We are going to a high risk doctor on Tuesday for a fetal echo to confirm if she truly has the defect. We are just at a loss, neither of us or our families have any history of heart defects so this was the very last thing we expected. We hope so badly she was just in a bad position again and everything is fine. But between the long wait and the internet we’ve completely terrified ourselves with what ifs. We are both trying to be strong for each other and myself to stay healthy and calm for baby girl, but it is getting more and more difficult each day. Just asking for some prayers and if y’all have gone through the same thing, how did you cope?

UPDATE - My husband and I went for the fetal echo yesterday. We received the best news we could have prayed for. Baby girls heart anatomy looks completely normal. The heart beat is a steady 150 bpm and rhythm is great. The doctor watched the blood flow in and out of the heart and said everything looked great. Praise the Lord!