Someone please just calm me down!

I need reassurance-

My bf and I had sex, we used skyn and we were going at it for about thirty minutes. We finished around 4 am. He pulled out before he came and he finished in my mouth and we noticed the condom wasn’t on him anymore.

The condom was stuck inside of me, pretty deep and it took me a little bit to fish it out of me. We have no idea how long it was like that or if it slipped off him last second. Out of paranoia and to ease my worries (esp since I’m within my fertile window), I just took Plan B, at 11:40 am.

I just need the reassurance that I’m going to be okay, it hasn’t even been 12 hours since we had sex and I just need someone to tell me that I’ll be okay, and I did the right thing.

Update: THANK YOU LADIES! I definitely feel much at ease and my bf is glad I’m not stressed as much anymore. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the side effects to occur 😫