ankle after surgery, still hurts anyone know why ?

I’ve recently had to get another surgery on my ankle because the first one didn’t heal problem, it’s been 8 weeks since i had my surgery and now it’s no longer hurting in the area that needing to be fixed, but instead it’s hurting on the other side and near the plate. The bone hurts when you push on it. here’s a photo of where is it hurting now (using my fingers to show you

I don’t know why it’s hurting here now. (the old scars are from where the camera went into.) im seeing my doctor next week. I had a cyst and a defect with my ankle and had no cartilage left in there so they had to take some from my knee. I have no clue why it’s hurting on that side of my ankle now when the other side feels fine. I really don’t want to have to get a 3rd surgery. (im only 14 btw) I have a plate and screws btw if that helps, but they are on the other side of the leg not near where it’s causing it to be uncomfortable.