I’m just a mess rn 🤞🏻

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Backstory: I’ve had two prior miscarriages and I didn’t expect to get pregnant a week before my 21st birthday and the trip to Vegas I’ve been planning for MONTHS.

I went to the doctor last week on Friday for a dating ultrasound on my third pregnancy, feeling very sad and pessimistic because of my past, they gave me this picture

The ob told me It has a heartbeat of 117 but the gestational sac was irregular and I had no corpus Ludeum, I was told to prepare for a miscarriage, she even asked if I would like a pad to lay down at home for when it passes and if I would like to test it for chromosomal abnormalities. I left feeling just as sad as I came expecting the worst. They made an appt for the next week on Tuesday.

So I waited.

One week, no bleeding, no cramping.

Today I went back and I got this

Holy shit! It grew! Heart beat of 151, I have a hefty corpus ludeum on my ovary, the sac has rounded out more and I’m dating right around what I should be, however the sac is still dating a week behind but I’m trying to remain optimistic. There are always success stories but man I needed this.