Starting my Third Trimester ❤️


I’m finally getting the the last trimester of my pregnancy as the wait for our little angel has been taking forever!!!!!!! We haven’t found out the gender yet as we want it to be a surprise for us 😊

I’m thankful that my pregnancy so far hasn’t been an issue for me. No pain, I’ve only had morning sickness at the beginning but that went away before second trimester. I’ve been able to do daily things in my lofe and I haven’t changed anything about me. Not yet anyways :) if there’s one thing I find different, is that I need to pee!! Like a lot. Always pushing on my bladder haha!

Just recently saw the baby doctor and all measurements are good and everything is going great and up to date! Due date as of right now is OCT 15:) babyshealthy and moving! Can’t wait to feel it move a whole lot more closer to then end of pregnancy and of course , meet our little angel that God blesses us with!