Prior to getting married and having a baby I used to have a lot of hobbies like playing video games, sewing, and taking on house projects. December last year, I became a mom to a beautiful baby girl at 35. So from having all the time in the world to do things that I love, (and have gotten used to it being that way for so long) I now have none. It feels like when you become a mom even your most basic human right (like peeing or showering) is compromised. My body also changed, I’m over 30 pounds my pre preggy weight. I used to do yoga everyday, now I don’t have time for that. Anyways, I’m just really frustrated because it seems like it’s just MY life that changed completely, last time I checked I have a husband, but his lifestyle seems to have remained unchanged. He goes to the gym, goes golfing with his friends, he would have people over one evening a week to play board games. He doesn’t make an effort to cook, doesn’t even offer to look after the baby so I could go for a walk. He doesn’t take initiative to do things, I have to remind him to mow the lawn, or pay the bills because if I don’t he’ll forget and we end up with late payments. I am just realizing now that everything was done for him by his parents. He has a lot of opportunity to help and take on some household duties, since he doesn’t have a regular 9-5 kind of job. He starts work usually between 12 to 1 pm and gets home at 8 and every other week he’s off from Sunday to Thursday. I would really like some time to do atleast a home workout. I keep thinking I take care of my baby, my husband and this house. but nobody is taking care of me 😭 Sorry guys this is more like a rant now. I’m so exhausted and I’m already in tears just writing this. I feel like I’m slowly losing my love for my husband.