Strange man..

Acacia • God is good, 4 years of trying! Had my son 28/5/21 • 12.5.15 ❤️ • ♒️

So my mum was at a pub one afternoon, she likes to go play pool an stuff with my Aunty every now an then, she rang me up and told me that this man came upto her an told her that her mum is so happy she’s going to give up smoking! (My mums mother died of breast cancer) and then he says what’s in August? And my mum says “it’s my birthday” an he says “that’s when you should give up, smoking is making your insides look hard, when you have beautiful skin you shouldn’t do that to yourself” and then he says to my mum an Aunty “one of your kids are pregnant” and my mum says “my sons are too young but I have a daughter trying although they have been trying for a couple of years and they haven’t gotten pregnant yet so it might not be my daughter?” She then told me this man didn’t look convinced and shrug his shoulders at her like “maybe” , now it could be one of my Aunty’s kids but I highly doubt it, what’s very strange is the fact that I’ve recently brought myself a fertility crystal but the payment didn’t go through because I didnt end up getting payed that day so I had to cancel the order.. the next day I receive a package with that crystal in it? The lady emailed me saying she accidentally sent it an if I could pay her when possible. I have paid for the crystal now, but the last few days I’ve had pain in my left ovary side and it’s sharp pain, I can’t move without being in pain, it’s very odd, it’s very sharp.. I know this probably doesnt mean I’m pregnant but god please I’d be over the moon! All I’ve wanted for 2 and a half years is a baby with my wonderful man! We want that more than anything! I’ve watched everyone!!! An I mean EVERYONE around me get pregnant! Could this be my time? God I’m praying it is! 2.5 years has been enough! I’ll do everything in my will power to create the life my child needs! Everything! Fingers crossed! 🤞🏼✨💎🍀🤰🏻