Anyone else have a Mom that’s bar shit crazy?

She used to be so patient and normal growing up. But for the past 4/5 years she’s been completely different. Very irritable and upset all the time. The other day we were at the gas station and she bought an overpriced $25 charger so I tried to let her know she could’ve gotten one from Walmart for $5 and she went into a rant telling me to mind my business and stop tryin to control her. Then she continues to

Complain about not having money and begging my brother to send her some. Tonight she spilled water in a purse that I bought her and wanted to buy a new one so I let her know the material is something she can just wipe and she doesn’t have to buy a new purse. Here she goes into a rant about how I’m disrespectful and try to argue with everything she says.