I can’t stop!

I’m only 7 weeks along and I’ve already purchased a ton of items. There are SO many garage sales going on right now and so many good deals that I can’t pass up! Ugh!

I told my husband I was afraid I was ‘jinxing’ us. He told me to stop being silly and to buy whatever. And if something [horrible] does happen, there’s nothing wrong with having items for next time.

I’ve purchased at least 30 onesies ranging in sizes as well as some bottoms, multiple sleepsacks (I literally cannot pass on a .25 sack when they are $20 new), a $5 brand new boppy, a $30 brand new pack’n’play and others. All in all I think I’ve spent $60

Please tell me I’m not the only crazy lady?

And yes, everything is gender neutral. Some of the sacks are pink or blue, but who cares. They’re for sleeping. I don’t think I’ll have a baby shower, so hey, why not save money where I can?