Older man

Maria • 💕 CSULB Grad 📚🙌🏻🙏👩‍🎓 09•10•07.....

Hello, ladies hope everyone is enjoying their beautiful Saturday. Let me start off by saying I’m 30 years old! I’m about to turn 31 this upcoming October. Ever since I was young I always had a thing for older man. Something about them intrigued me. The way they look, dress, their ambition towards life. I could go on and on. I recently met a 40 year old guy so far everything is going good. The first time we met he told me “oh my god I thought you were 26 not 30, you look so young for your age.” “But yet very mature for your age.”

I laugh and told him I get that a lot. How many of you girls are attractive to older man but, it seems that their not interested or seem not to notice you because of your age. Here’s a picture of how I look. Or do any of you have beautiful love 💕 stories with someone older then them. I would love to hear everyone stories!