so i think i finally

accepted the fact that me and my fiancee just arent going to have sex much if at all. (I'm the one that posted about my fiancee not wanting sex much and he jacks off but said I can't pleasure myself) I know a lot of you told me to leave him, but I love him and sex shouldn't get in between our relationship, of course I'd rather be having sex but if he doesn't want to have sex with me then I guess I'm fine with it. I've stopped asking, haven't shown much interest. sometimes it's hard but I get past it, I love him and I think I'm pregnant (when we use to have sex... those were the days) I just want to know if it's something I did or something wrong with me. that's all. and like I've said in my previous post I've talked to him about it, he's just not feeling it...Oh and I'm 18 and he's 19 (bet y'all didn't see that one did ya?)