First Miscarriage

I am eighteen years old and in college. My fiance and I weren't planning to become pregnant while he is still in high school, but cheap condoms don't always work. I told him I had a feeling I could be pregnant but he was adimant that since we used protection that I wasnt. Well, needless to say, I was right. I didn't know, however until I was having a miscarriage. I was almost five weeks along and would have kept the baby. He and I were very worried since we had been having dreams about miscarriages for a week or so now. We have been devastated since finding out. We are both so young and it never seemed a possibility that something like this could happen, but it did and after the miscarriage, he had a dream about our baby. She told her daddy that it was okay. I am choosing to believe that this was God's way of giving him peace since he felt so guilty for doubting. We did want a child, just not now. I'm still hurting and would like someone to talk to about it. We chose not to tell our family because he hasn't graduated and they still believe we are virgins. I would just like to have someone I can be honest with and talk to.