what is going onπŸ˜±πŸ˜•β€?

so i have been dating this guy for 2 almost 3 months and he has told me he loves me several time then about a month in a half ago i started talking to one of my guy friends again we hung out once because we havnt seen each other or talked since i left my old highschool about 4years ago in 10th grade anyways he just told me today he loved me im not sure how to respond and about half a month ago my ex from 4 yr.s ago told me he loved me idk whats going on i have never been told "i love you" so much by a male in my life idk how to respond to any of them so i ignored my ex's i love you and i awkwardly say i love you to my boyfriend and i havnt responded to my friend i havnt even opened his message