Am I in the wrong?

So my husband and I have asked that anyone who wants to be in contact with my child (I'm due next month) get up to date on all their vaccinations. Where I live doctors are recommending anyone in contact with an unvaccinated baby have their tDAP and measeals vaccines due to current outbreaks. My family have all agreed and pretty much all of them have already gotten this done. My friends and husband's close friends are on board too.

My husband's mother is anti-vax and him and his siblings were never vaccinated. My husband got himself vaccinated years ago on his own. He is asking his family to provide proof of vaccination as there are trust issues between them already. The siblings are dealing with that currently, but his parents are throwing a fit. His mother is very sick and we do not expect her to live much longer. Her illness does NOT prevent her form getting vaccinated and actually her doctors want her to get vaccinated. She gets contagious illnesses a lot on top of the main one. I do not want her anywhere near my newborn. I feel bad about keeping her away from her grandchild that she will likely not even see reach their 1st birthday. But, as a mother I feel like I need to put my child's health first.

Now I'm getting hate from people saying that I should make an exception for a dying woman. But, just because she's dying doesn't mean she can't give my baby measeals or whooping cough right? My doctor says she's actually more likely to give my baby some awful disease and I shouldn't allow her around my baby unless she gets vaccinated. My husband says we should listen to the doctor and scinece, but he's not the one being told he's a horrible person (everyone is acting like it's all me and my husband doesn't agree with me which isn't the case at all!).

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