Afraid to move on

Well, I'm just looking for venting. Sorry if my English is bad.

In the last months my husband has been ignoring me a lot, has been leaving the house without telling me where he was going, and when I asked him, he answered that she was a controller and that I never let her do what she wants.

He has also stopped talking to our daughters that we have in common.

Many times we fought and in one of those fights he told me that he no longer saw me as his wife and that I was a lazy, ugly and horrible person, he also said that in our 20 years of marriage he never loved me and that it was a torture for him.

I‘m a doctor, I‘ve never stop working. In my country doctors are scarce and I had to travel in a bus even when I was pregnant for half an hour every morning and he never cared about that, in fact, he never worked, he lived on my money.

He managed my money, but now I realize that he was tricking me, he leave me without any savings. I don’t know where the money went.

But he never mistreated us or physically hurt us. He always kept us well but ... I do not know what to do, I do not have the guts to quit, I'm afraid.