ER Surprise!

Cassandra • ❣ 33, Mommy to our very first miracle baby ❣.. 💙 Tristian~March 4, 2019 💙

I woke up yesterday morning with horrible pain on the left side of my abdomen. Today I decided to take my stubborn ass to the ER. Naturally, the doctor wanted a CT Scan, and being female they have to cover their behind and do a pregnancy test first... My nurse was hooking me up to an IV bag.. The tech came back, and started talking to my nurse, they were kinda behind me.

Nurse Tech: That came back positive

Nurse: It's positive, okay did you test it once or twice?

At this point the confusion is written all over my face!

Nurse Tech: Only once, it was a quick very solid positive, definitely.

I jumped to turn to them. My bf is so lost. I had to make sure I heard them correctly. When they said 'you're pregnant' I immediately burst into tears with a huge smile. It was also confirmed via bloodwork. ER says 3 weeks, going by last period almost 5 weeks.

At 16 I was diagnosed with pcos and was told there was a possibility it would never happen. I've ttc in two past serious relationships with no luck. To hear those words was like a dream. OMG I'M PREGNANT!! My miracle baby decided now is the time!