Lump inside vagina

Recently I have decided that I wanted to try fingering. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be (pain wise) but there is a lump in the middle of my vagina. LITERALLY on the INSIDE of my vagina. I don’t know how to explain it but I can put my fingers into my vagina but if I go back the furthest I can... there’s the lump. I tried to go under it thinking maybe going under leads to more of my vagina (if that makes any sense) but it doesn’t. It literally cuts off like a dead end. I tried the same thing going over it( like on top of the lump) and it’s the same exact thing. I’m a virgin so I can’t really comment on if it affects my sex life but no it does not hurt. If I press on it hard enough I feel a little pressure but not any pain. Oh and in the middle of the lump it kind of feels like a budding flower. I’m freaking out so if any of you guys know what it is PLEASE comment and help me put my mind at ease.

EDIT: To the ones saying it’s my cervix (thanks for replying btw) I should be able to feel it just by fingering myself? And another question, when it comes time for me to have sex what will happen? My boyfriend is very much larger than my fingers in length so will that become a probelm?