Update - Is it appropriate...?

Susan • TTC since 2016 / 3mcs in 2018 / 2 failed fresh IVF cycles and a 3rd converted to failed IUI / 2 failed FET / 🌈 Nov 2021

...to call my doctor’s office and ask for my hcg results? I went to the lab yesterday at 11:45am but the doctor’s office (separate hours from the lab) closed at noon. I didn’t realize that until about 3pm yesterday. I’m getting overly anxious to know the number. It was 14 on Monday, so needless to say, I’m looking for a good jump to have some hope.

**UPDATE** Hcg went from 14 on Monday to 25 on Wednesday. Can’t go back for another test until the 28th or 30th because I will be out of town. How should I feel about this?????