Mama's boy or unhealthy obsession?

Guys. I need help. I don't know where to start. My fiance is VERY close to his mom. She's his first and only son (she has 4 girls). He calls her roughly 3-4x a day and that never really bothered me because it never interfered with our life and I LOVE his mom. She's great and doesn't baby him. Well she came down to visit for two and a half weeks from across country and left last night. He kept saying he would be sad when she left and it's a whole thing but I didn't realize HOW sad. He teared up any time they mentioned leaving during the time they were here which was normal, I guess. Yesterday morning, I wake up to him sobbing at 5:30am and I comfort him and he breathes himself down. He was sad that she was leaving that night. Last night he made me take the children in my car because he was crying so hard that he didn't feel safe driving with the kids. So all day today he has talked about how emotionally exhausted he is, how his chest feels heavy, he's trying not to cry, etc. He even took her pillow that she slept on and replaced his pillow with it for "comfort". She left her perfume for him to smell when he misses her and he's having a whole emotional fest over it. He came home today and all of her stuff was gone and he walked around the house and looked at the emptiness and teared up. She gave us $20 plates and they got ruined in the dishwasher and I was like "Shit we have to toss them." And he was like "No. I can't throw those away...I'll just eat off them." And I guess it was insensitive but I was like, "Listen. You're not eating off of ruined and dirty plates because you find the sentiment in them. I understand your mom bought them but that's too much." And set them on top of the fridge. Then, we went to the store and he mentioned that he needed to get out of the house because it was too much to process. And that the "evidence of her being gone is surrounding him." And started crying. Then he started talking about how it's a grieving process. I eventually told him that I understand and I'm here for him 10000%, but that it seems a little dependant. I've been around some mama's boys. But they've never sprayed perfume on her pillow and sobbed non stop. Especially as a 31 year old man. I need some insight. Does this seem unhealthy to you? Or normal sadness? He won't see her again for a year. It also makes me feel inadequate. Like is his family here not good enough to comfort him?

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