super annoyed

does anyone elses boyfriend do little shit that just pisses you off? i've been with my SO for 3 years next sunday and today he asked me if he could go fishing which of course i said yes but he didnt tell me that he'd be picking up his canoe that him and his parents share or that he was going to be gone for 5+ hours with my car leaving me and our (mine biologically, his by love) daughter at home with no way to go out and get food. luckily i had stuff here for my daughter to eat. what's got me annoyed is he had the nerve to ask me why i'm upset with him. like boy let me leave you with no vehicle for 5+ hours and leave you the 5 year old baby trying to figure out what to do for dinner for the both of you when you only have enough for the baby (haven't had the chance to go grocery shopping today). i'm just super fucking annoyed with him right now. what did i do to deserve this kind of treatment when i literally do everything for him. i cook, clean, make sure he has clean clothes, i work 40+ hours a week, give him sex whenever he asks for it, i do everything for my daughter, etc. a simple text saying "hey babe, i'm grabbing the canoe and going out with my cousin for a little while" would have suficed but i didnt even get that. am i being selfish or overdramtic or do i have a right to be upset?

p.s. this isn't the first time this has happened. thanks for taking the time to read and if you have any advice it'd be greatly appreciated.