Dear a**hole who stole my dog (update long)


First and for most I hate you. I gave you my pride and joy of my life my BABY, my SON! I hate that you lied to me and everyone saying you would of been able to do boarding with my son (paid you even). I hate that you lied to my face after I gave you my world my emotional support animal that has helped me since he was a frikking BABY! I went through a family loss he’s helped me with my anxiety and depression and you ripped him away from me and gave him to someone else. Someone that doesn’t understand how much I need my son more than anything. I hate that I trusted you and I hate that I didn’t listen to my gut instinct as his mom that something was wrong. I hate that I STILL haven’t been able to see or find my son since fucking JANUARY! Another thing I hate is how long the police department/ detectives is taking to help on finding my son this is a felony he’s facing yet they wont do anything to charge him since he doesn’t physically have my son. Every day I cry and have anxiety attacks it has stopped me from going to work and doing my normal routine my so has been helping me but I will never be the same until I have my son back hes everything I have after I had to cut everything toxic out of my life. Yet you’re free and I have no justice for my son no one has seen my precious baby I know someone has him he’s beautiful but he still has his parents that love him and will do anything for him ever since we laid eyes on him we have done EVERYTHING to try and find my son but no news on where he could be I’ve never felt so empty and depressed in my life since this has happened. I miss my son I just wish this case can hurry tf up so I can find my son and bring him home and catch up on everything you turn 2 in September you dont know it but I pray to have you home before then everyone misses you you are truly the baby of our family your aunties and uncles miss you just as much as we do. I hope this guy comes clean to the detectives all I want is my baby boy I look back at all the pictures I took of you since you were 4 weeks old and it hurts so bad to know that you’re out there wondering where we are when we will come back when you will see us again... we will find you baby 🐾💔


so basically what had happened was me and my SO needed to basically find someone to watch our baby for max 3 months we had to move into his parents house due to our living situation we couldn’t take Lorenzo (my son) with us. So we called EVERYONE see if anyone could watch him like friends/family. So we finally found someone to watch him they were staying at a dog friendly hotel but they made complaints of Lorenzo even tho he didn’t do anything wrong he just missed me and my SO we are his parents he knows hes always stayed with either me or my SO since he was a baby and he has separation anxiety like he would scream everytime we would leave and when he hears my car (05 mustang) he knew momma was coming home he just knows. But back to the point the first friends we had to watch him didnt work out but they said they knew someone that could take in Lorenzo and of course we paid them for watching him etc. So I remember clear as day as if it was yesterday we dropped him off January 5, 2018 went there met the guy he was my SO’s friend of a friend. We were told it was his own place and that everything would be fine.... we trusted him we were desperate to find Lorenzo a TEMPORARY HOME until we got back on our feet and let me fucking tell y’all I worked 4 FUCKING JOBS to get our place just for Lorenzo that was it he was the reason I worked my ass off we had lost EVERYTHING I walked to work every day until I finally was able to get my car back (whole different story) so I was finally able to work more and go and do what I had to do. So when we dropped Lorenzo off we stayed there for a bit let him meet the two men that stayed there... and y’all let me tell you I regret it. We thought the guy was the owner of the place and pets allowed alladat! I messaged him the next day to see how Lorenzo was doing... no reply for a FUCKING WEEK!!!!I was getting all the gut instincts as his mom somethings wrong... then he sends a plain dry ass text “hes good”.... after that ALL MESSAGES AND PHONE CALLS... he never replied he never kept me up to date on how my son was doing at all. My SO was constantly telling me hes fine dont worry everything is going to work out. Fast forward to the end of March beginning of April 2018. We go ahead already have our own place lined up ready to move in and we go ahead and drive up to where Lorenzo should of been. We get there I instantly knew something was wrong I didnt hear him screaming and howling off... we go up to the door and knock and we walk in the guy who was there who we thought was just his roommate was like no hes not here they left a week after and this is where the “truth” began to unfold over the following days/weeks. So the guy never owned the place it was a little like townhouse in a gated community, also no pets allowed so hence they left within a week because of neighbors complaints that Lorenzo was screaming (he missed us so typical), and the owner called his “nephew” up I was hysterically crying having an anxiety attack on the spot the guy felt bad so I got his number and stayed in touch my sons crate was outside everything else gone my son gone nowhere to be found. So his nephew told him to not say anything to us when we got there his uncle didnt know that Lorenzo was staying for what was supposed to be 3 months and we thought they talked about it so its ok no big deal didnt think twice about it. Next I get a call from his “uncle” the guy who owned the place, he tells me he got in touch with his nephew and its bad news. He tells me that apparently he was telling him its fine dont worry about the dog and turns out he gave my dog away to a woman that lives in Selma, NC we live in Raleigh,NC mind you that, he then proceeds to tell me that her kids “accidentally” left the fence gate open and Lorenzo ran away... 3 weeks prior to that so it was like early March he supposedly ran away. Then telling me bullshit that he tried to find him and that he would pay me back to basically replace my son im not doing that where the fuck is my son I WANT HIM BACK. I went off. But he tells me that this woman let her kids leave the gate open and my dog escapes how come theres no flyers how come no one out in Johnston County ever seen him let me tell yall my anxiety was so bad I couldnt go to work for days the next day I found that out we filled up my gas tank and left Raleigh and took a trip out to Selma went to every shelter every rescue every vet clinic out there and even cities around them. We went to the extent of going through. back roads SCREAMING Lorenzo’s name out hoping he would hear us or my car, we have hope still to find him we did everything and it started getting dark so we headed back to Raleigh we posted EVERY WHERE called everywhere and no one has seen my son. We have an open investigation with our police department we went through the hassle of going back and forth with the RPD and the Civil Majestry hence we paid him for a service and he didnt do the service so it would of been a small claims but since Lorenzo is basically my “property” I dont think of him like that hes more of my son but thats what they call it. So Civil Majestry and RPD are telling us yeah they can’t do anything because its a Felony of a Larceny of a dog so thats big time right there. So the Officer we spoke to told us what to do set up our case and So this kid was telling us I’ll take a lie detector test I’m not the person who y’all think I am... buddy you GAVE MY DOG AWAY DIDNT FUCKING TELL ME NOTHING and you think you’re innocent here.. try again. My dog is more than just a dog hes my emotional support animal I have anxiety/depression. So now all we know is that the lie detector test was supposed to be done about 3-4 weeks ago and everytime I call my detective he sends me to voicemail i leave him voicemails to check up on the case no answer. So we know that the lady’s name doesnt match to anyone out in Selma, NC the phone number goes to an elderly white lady and he described the lady as a lightskin heavyset female, has kids(idk how many)... this lady found her full name by the phone number and her address by ourselves no detective before but I’m a detective myself when it comes to finding things out so looked up the address me and my SO decided fuck it why not drive up there and see if this lady has our dog... we werent expecting anything we just had hope that he would of been there and for me to call an officer to come assist. We drove by like 3 times they were outside fixing up their house it was an older couple saw who it was had my windows cracked so maybe I could hear Lorenzo screaming but nothing just silence. So we eventually have our detective asking us questions and the guy questions the detective went to the same place questioned the woman but we already knew so this lady had this number for years so the kid is a fucking liar. how come no one has seen him anywhere so I know someone has him I just know. Heres some pics of my son so yall can see why im so angry that I can’t find my

son or that no one has “seen” or found my dog.

wanted to post some puppy pics of him