Pretty sure I lost my chance at a VBAC


30 weeks today... Had an ultrasound at the maternal fetal specialist. lil man weighs 4 lbs and 10 oz already. geeez. I wanted a healthy little 7lb baby. guess not. The doc said big babies and vbacs dont mix well and he highly doesn't recommend it for me. I'll get over it but I really didn't want to be cut on.

Measuring in the 92%. I failed my one hour glucose and passed my 3 hour one on monday. kinda bummed. I have to do 2 nst's a week starting at 32 weeks and another ultrasound at 34 weeks to look at my AFI which elevated at 22, just below polyhydraminos and of course Stetsons size. I have a feeling the rest of my pregnancy is going to get a lot harder.