35 weeks, 3cm dilated ... 😟


Had my OB appt. today at exactly 35 weeks and, because our first little man was early, doc decided to do the strep test and cervical check today rather than next week. She said I’m 3cm dilated, and I’m freaking out a little — I can’t get out of my own head with all of the ‘what-ifs.’

My last day, before mat leave, is next Wed. My first son decided to come on what was supposed to be my last day in the office. This pregnancy, I’ve been getting Makena shots since week 17, last one is next Tuesday.

With all of that, I am freaking EXHAUSTED because I’m battling something that’s got my lymph nodes swollen and soreness in my neck. AND, to top it all off, we are going out of town this weekend for the sprinkle my mom is throwing, so I’m concerned he’ll join us this weekend.

Please, everyone, 🤞🏻 that he stays comfy cozy this weekend.