My boyfriend announced before I was ready 😢


I’m 10 weeks pregnant with my first child. I’ve been extremely protective and I don’t like talking about it with too many people yet. I’m generally a private person, but pregnancy has made this worse. I just wanted this news to be just mine before everybody else knew. I haven’t even told many family members yet. I really wanted to wait until at least second trimester.

Well, so much for that, bc my boyfriend got on twitter and announced 😭😭😭. I’ve been crying ever since. I just really wasn’t ready for such a large group of ppl to know yet. And I’m so upset that he took that opportunity away from me. I understand that we’re expecting a child together, but I feel like announcing is more on me to decide since I’m carrying.

I’m having a rough first trimester and this just makes things tougher for me. I’m just venting bc I’m upset 😢