I guess he’ll never be the one.

No man should ever lay a hand on a woman no matter what.

I am currently pregnant and my baby’s father pushed me and threatened me with gestures that he would beat me. Called me a hoe countless times. Made me cry.

He will never change. He’s manipulative and controlling. Always making me believe he will be good to me and then hurt me in the end of it all. Over and over.

I’m so sad I can’t believe he is someone I love. It breaks my heart because all I just hoped for is that he would want this as much as I do, and take this serious as much as I am. Especially with our soon child. I just wanted a family.

But today I had to let go. This baby is all I have now, and I know it will be hard doing it on my own especially how emotional I am. I just hope for the best out come in this. 😞