Updating y’all on my relationship with Matt because yall have been asking and waiting for an update


Hello everyone. so i’m back and with WONDERFUL news. so a lot of you remember me from liking this guy i sat next to in my AP Gov/Econ class my SENIOR year of highschool and i waited until literally 4 months of school left to reach out to him and try to hint at him that i was into him. but all y’all said i should do it (from my previous posts) and so i took the chance & it was honestly one of the best decisions ive made in my entire life. our groups of mutual friends eventually then got us to go to prom together and he asked me and we had a great time that night (prev. post shows pics haha) and that night he admitted to liking me and we had our first kiss. shortly after (we had been getting closer for 3 months prior to prom and also known eachother our whole lives) he asked me to be his girlfriend on the beach and omg i feel in love wow. so now we are going into our 3rd month of our relationship and it’s going amazing. we will be leaving off to college soon though and he is staying in California and i am moving away to louisiana on a softball scholarship. BUT we do plan on staying together. long distance is going to be quite an obstacle but i know it will only make us stronger. thank you all for following up with my relationship and i will be sure to keep you all updated💞 just know i am so thankful to the man upstairs for blessing me with the man i have consistently prayed for❣️xoxo- Pay