Ughh I need helppp


Okay so this boy and I were really good friends for a while then all of a sudden out of nowhere he cut me off, like wouldn’t text, wouldn’t call,wouldn’t even talk to me irl which was super odd because we hung out 24/7 and we were constantly texting. Everyone thought we were dating or something.

So fast forward about 13 weeks, still nothing but then at 1am one morning he messaged me “hey” five minutes later (as I was asleep) “I’m so sorry for everything” I responded at about midday the next day “um, it’s alright I guess” this was about three weeks ago and I’ve kept myself from messaging him but we see each other at school and he looks at me and I look at him but idk. I don’t know what’s going on and I need help with this situation before I lose my mind.

Please help xo


Okay so today he apologised in real life and said he hope we are all good, also got all his friends to apologise for being assholes and also texted and tried to be how he was pre-ghosting but idk?

I’m not sure what to do

Helpppp ughhhh