TMI - uti - blood in urine 9 weeks


EDIT - I am posting this for a peace of mind before I can get into urgent care. I do not get off work until 3pm eastern time. I wanted to hear if anyone had any experience with this.

Hello guys I know this is gross but I am freaking out. I have been feeling off down their the past two days. I have been constipated for like a week. I was able to pass a little like 3 days ago but I feel so stocked up.

NOW, I think the constipation has caused a UTI. I woke up this morning and I have NEVER had my urine smell bad. I workout a lot therefore I drink a lot of water. The second time I went to the bathroom I seen a pinkish color to my urine on the tissue. (6:30am)

CURRENTLY at work (8am) chugging water and cranberry juice and I see small little clots in my urine. I checked to see if it was coming from my vagina but it’s not.

I am 9 weeks pregnant. I’m so scared it’s going to cause a miscarriage (I’ve had one in the past-this march)