Cd23 9dpo... Implantation!??

​Hey ladies, I'm sorry for those who mind the visual, but I really need some insight here. I've included my calendar and bbt chart so that we have as much info to go by.
​My fertile period was from the 4th to the 7th... With the highest percentage on the 8th. We bd'd on every green day except the 5th and the 9th.
​Also today my bbt dipped to what it was before it spiked at ovulation, and I read online that during implantation your temp dips. 
​Now on today, cd 23 and 9dpo I went to the bathroom and saw this after I was done.
​Could it be implantation bleeding? Could it be AF showing her self early?
​It seems to be kinda like cm except for the coloring of it.
​What do you all think???!!!? I'm currently losing my mind. Me and AF will be at war if it's her.